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From Personal to Organizational to Social Transformation

   Leadership through mindful and lively communication
with Steve Clorfeine and Liane Stephan

In order to effect deep change – transformation – organizations need to create both the space and the mindset where leaders transformation can take place first.  Leaders and organizational transformation are paths that require time, discipline, honest feedback, and creative play. They call for a heightened sense of awareness and a commitment to connect with oneself at deeper levels in order to develop the ability to perceive and fully respond to complexity. This personal transformation can affect the whole organization and create the potential to shift values within the larger culture.
  We will invite you into a process that develops your ability to be open, unbiased and empathetic both for yourself and others. Through a process of active investigation, we will consider these questions:
First Step: Who are you in your working place? What shifts you out of balance?; How do you create interactions?; How do you communicate with others and what feedback do you get?; What is your inner motivation for doing what you are doing?
Second Step:  If you changed your behavior how could this affect your colleagues/your team?; What would you need to keep this change alive?; How could you initiate or guide a transformation process for your team?; What difficulties would you expect and how would you deal with them?
Third step:  If leaders and teams are transformed, can we speak about a mindful organization?; How will the market react to such an organization? Could it survive or even thrive?
  Through the lenses of systemic approaches, constellation work, awareness practices, and physically based theater training  we will deeply examine those questions.and develop supportive tools for implementing the answers.

Liane Stephan is an executive coach and change consultant. Her approach through systemic and hypno-systemic concepts, gestalt therapy. martial arts and body–awareness practices assists business leaders and their teams in creating a trust-based collaboration.  Her main focus is on deep change in attitude, values and actions of leaders to foster a sustainable change in the organization.  Liane conducts master classes for future consultants and develops programs for international NGO´s who are supporting traumatised women and girls in war zones.  This includes ongoing work with women in Albania and with Afghan women in Germany. She works with national and int’l companies including government social service organizations, agriculture and banking.  Liane is a black belt Aikido instructor, Feldenkreis bodywork teacher and is trained in Biography work and Virginia Satir Organizational Constellations work.  She is co-author with Mohammed El Hachimi of several books on systems and organizations, and is a guest faculty member at Akademie Remshied in Germany.


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