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Prerna Centre for Learning, New Delhi, India


How leaders use mindfulness training and improvisation to foster cultures of engagement and innovation.

 The path of transformation requires discipline, honest feedback, reflection and creative play.  It calls for a heightened sense of awareness and a commitment to connect with oneself at a deeper level in order to perceive and to fully respond to complexity. In this seminar, we invite you into a practical,  ”hands on” process that will cultivate your ability to be open, unbiased and empathetic, both to yourself and others. The practices we will engage include mindfulness meditation, contemplation, awareness exercises and expressive arts, specifically, theater.  There will opportunity for group discussion, partner and small group work, and presentation and enactment of organizational “case studies.”      Through embodied experience, our goal is to develop flexibility, precision, and confidence that generates a dynamic exchange between leading and performing.


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